Recession Training

What a great idea during this time of recession or at least the unknown.

Cut out the gym membership and go in as a group to hire a personal "group" trainer. Meet at a public park, pool, running trail, basketball court, or track.

It's a great way to have fun, meet people, get a good workout in and cut out the gym membership. At least for a while.

You'll get personal training at a discount since it's a group rate.

You'll probably be outdoors before the weather gets too rough or outdoors all winter long out west.

You can learn some new techniques and take a break from all the equipment based training you robotic-ally do at the gym. can save some money for the upcoming holiday season or just save some money for a rainy day!

There's really nothing that should EVER stop your training...especially money!

Times are tough-Train tougher!

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