Workout Slack

Pool Slacker shows up.

You know the guy (gal). They're in the weight room. At the track. In the gym.

The (in this case) guy who spends all day at the pool. But curiously enough does very little physical activity.

He's in for two laps then out on his cell phone. IS there some turkey emergency he has to attend to?

Then in for two laps but now out and texting.

Maybe there's a problem with the stuffing.

In again for two laps but now out socializing with someone new to his lane. Forty five minutes later back in for a few more laps.

That's wonderful that he's the social butterfly on the deck but then it gets ugly.

Pool Slacker is also trying to play Mayor of Pooltown directing people into lanes other than his own. Very clever Mayor Pool Slacker.

(Now mind you, my whole lane has been watching this non-sense now for an hour and a half! Cracking up the whole time.)

So each time someone comes up to swim in his lane he directs them to lane 6, 7 and 8. Because he does not want to share and circle swim.

So finally after I see him manhandle three women out of his lane, I let it rip!

If there's one thing I know it's pools and pool etiquette. And believe me Mayor Pool Slacker has zilch!

The same guy hangs in the gym, walking around, touching one barbell, doing a few sit ups here and there.

Look all you slackers out there.


I understand everyone has their days but these slackers are unreal. You're taking up space, annoying others around you and if nothing else, leave your cell phone in your locker. I'm here to work out, not listen to all your unimportant cell phone conversations.

I say no cell phones in the gym or on the pool deck and no cell phones while I'm getting my pedicure ladies!



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