10 Ways to Make a Resolution Stick

1. Write it down. Putting pen to paper is a great way to clarify what it is you want to accomplish. You can use a journal or just write a sentence on an index card that you tape to your mirror.

2. Manage expectations. It's OK to break your resolution in the first week; you just have to be willing to get back on the horse. For many, January just isn't the right time. Start fresh in March, or June.

3. Get a buddy to do it with you. Everyone knows it's easier to do things with a partner — grab a friend or family member and work on your resolutions together.

4. Revisit it. Making a resolution is easy...keeping up with it is another story! You're going to have to review and revise your goals as you go throughout the year.

5. Be smart. Rather than just toss off a nonspecific resolution, set a smart goal. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. If your goals have measurable and specific ends, you'll meet them more easily.

6. Don't remove, add. Replace bad habits with good ones. Framing your resolution positively will make you more likely to want to meet it!

7. Make it public. Tell people what you're up to; you'll be more likely to stick to it.

8.Stick to a schedule. If you plan to exercise more, for instance, build no less than three workouts into your calendar at a time when you know you'll be able to actually do it.

9. Create a vision board. It might sound hokey, but having a visual representation of your goals can really help! Cut out images and phrases from magazines, write out your favorite inspiring quote, grab some photos. Place them on a poster or corkboard and keep them in plain view.

10. Celebrate! The joy in resolutions is in the journey. Accept that this will be an ongoing process and celebrate yourself and your unique experiences. And if you don't quite get there, there's always 2011...

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