What Do You Really Remember?

First of all I couldn't remember what year I ran it!

Either 2006 or 2007. Go figure.

I can remember the starting line. This is a no chip race so I remember thinking the starting line was going to be a zoo. But surprisingly it wasn't at all.

I remember the weather. It was sunny all day. Dark and chilly at the start but absolute great weather to run a marathon in. I didn't have to add or shed clothing the entire race. Oh wait, I did ditch my gloves but that's it.

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I remember one of the first small hills of the race. SOme guy starting talking to me. FYI: I don't talk when I run. SOrry dude, didn't mean to be mean. I simply don't talk.

I remember another guy who was doing the walk a mile, run a mile method. And yes I would pass him and then he would catch me. I passed him and he caught me. It was fun at first...

I remember noticing no grapevines. So I guess where a marathon takes place means almost nothing to the girl who runs looking at the road. The road however was quite nice!

I remember with only a mile or two to go the course seemed to take one turn after another. It was a bit tough. After 24 miles all I wanted was a straight shot with the finish line just out over the horizon. But no.

I remember the school where we finished. I ate a banana behind the third grade classroom. Walked behind the gym and straight back to the hotel. I was afraid to stop or sit down! I sat down on my bed and finally took my shoes off.

Is that how is really went down? I honestly don't remember.

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