Skinny Water: How Fergie Lost 17 Pounds

I don't have much in common with this month's cover model, Fergie. For starters, I can't carry a tune to save my life; my abs are not made of steel; and my single status is a far cry from the enviable marriage to the likes of hottie Josh Duhamel.

Ok, all that aside, we do at least have similar tastes when it comes to drinks, and by that I mean we both kind of love Skinny Water. I am newly addicted, but Fergie has been on to it for a while, especially when it came time to lose the 17 pounds she gained for her role in the film NINE. She downed bottles of their raspberry pomegranate-flavored Crave Control, that has appetite suppressant SuperCitrimax. I'm more a fan of their peach-mandarin-mango flavor myself. But any of the flavors come in handy now that I've been training for the half-marathon, as they help keep my energy up.

Still working on those abs of steel though.

Shyema also writes for her own beauty and food blog, Beauty and the Feast.

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