Two New Accessories that Make You Run Smarter

Run your way to a better body with these two new technological improvements.


Pop the S3 Stride Sensor into specially made Adidas running shoes (or tie it onto the laces of your current shoes) and wear the Polar WearLink heart-rate transmitter on your chest. Then strap on your RS800SD watch, and you can help prevent injury from overtraining. It's the only device on the market that shows running cadence, which can help in crease your efficiency. It's loaded with other tools: distance, pace, time, and more. (Available in October, about $489;


Place a sensor into your specially made Nike+ shoes and a receiver onto your Nano, then read your time, distance, and pace on your iPod—or listen to it through your headphones. Downloadable workouts from iTunes by athletes including marathoner Alberto Salazar act as a pocket running coach. New shoes, additional downloadable sport-music mixes, and workouts will be added this fall. (Nike+iPod Sport Kit, $29, shoes start at $100;

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