The Shirt You Need Next Year

So I thought about getting the sporty girls some custom T-shirts for my 5K (see above), until my friend Sarah reminded me that nobody actually wears those ill-fitting race tees. And the last thing anyone needs is another one.

But I just found out about a company called Spreadshirtand they're about to change the whole crappy race shirt scene. In January, they'll launch a high-performance, customizable tee by Alo sport, made of CoolFit fabric. It has the all-important sweat-wicking properties plus a nice, body-hugging shape (be aware: I felt like they ran a bit small).

You submit the .jpg of your design, and they'll print it on the shirt (you can get your design on the sleeve, the back, the front or wherever you think it looks best). No spelling out your message in ugly, fuzzy, iron-on block letters.

About $25 each, with a basic design. Very streamlined, very classy, and perfect for groups doing charity walks and runs. May the best-dressed team win.

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