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10 Heated Socks to Get Your Feet Ready for Ski Season

Some of these even have Bluetooth-activated warmth.

Temperatures are dropping, and the circulation to your hands and feet might be, too. If your feet seem to always be cold, no matter how expensive your Merino-wool socks are or how high-tech your new boots are, you may need to drop some cash on next-level foot warming technology.

You may not be doing as much winter traveling this year as normal, but if you'll be outside for any prolonged period of time, heated socks would be a worthy investment. Whether you're hitting the slopes, prepping for a morning of shoveling snow in the driveway, or heading out for a brisk walk around town, add a new pair of these heated socks to your outfit to keep your feet feeling like they're resting next to a fireplace. Not to mention, these heated socks are also perfect for people who work for long hours out in the elements during the winter season.

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1 Snow Deer Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

We love the warmth these socks provide from the rechargeable 7.4-volt battery packs, and you can also adjust the heat level to high, medium, or low — depending on how chilly you're feeling.

They're medium-weight with reinforced toes and heels, because too thin of a sock lets heat escape, and one that's too thick (or wearing two pairs) can actually be counterproductive if you're exercising outdoors in the cold. This way, you can take them hiking, fishing, camping, or skiing all winter.  

2 QHonyds 7.4V Heated Socks

Life is simply more fun with funky, colorful socks. This starry designed pair has a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery that can last you for a full day on the slopes or a full overnight if you're camping. If they're fully charged (give them a solid 6 to 7 hours to get to that point), they can keep your feet warm for about 10 hours. 

3 Savior Heat Heated Socks

On their hottest setting, these socks use infrared heating to get up to 150 degrees.  They come in four different sizes so that they'll hug your feet snugly. 

They're great for outdoor adventurers or for people who struggle with circulation issues and can't seem to get their feet warm in the chilly weather. 

4 SVPRO Rechargeable Heated Unisex Socks

Whether you want high heat or low warmth, these cotton-spandex heated socks will keep your feet warm all winter. One battery charge lasts a full 12 hours, so feel free to take that long hike.

5 Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

You'll love the super thin heating module in these socks because you'll barely even notice it's there — until it feels like you're resting your toes by a heater! The battery pack is also a nice, compact size that won't add bulk around the outside of your calf, so knee-high boots won't be a problem. Plus, they come in fun bright colors. 

6 Thermrup Electric Heated Insole Foot Warmers

Slip these insoles into your snow boots, hiking shoes, or work boots (or alternate between all three), and you'll have heat delivered through the soles of your feet.

Our favorite part? There are four heat settings, so it's perfect for folks in the army, police, or EMS who switch between freezing temps and being indoors frequently. 

7 Volt Resistance Heated Socks

Keep cold feet at bay for up to 10 hours with these socks, depending on which of the four settings you choose. 

These liners are thinner than most other options, so you can wear them under some Merino-wool socks without buying a bigger pair of boots! Plus, you can change the output from your pocket — without exposing your hands to the cold — with a simple remote control!

8 HotHands Socks With Chemical Warmer Pockets

These affordable socks don't have a built-in heating element like the rest of the options in this review. What they do have is a small sleeve that holds reusable foot warmers in place. Anyone who has ever tried HotHands hand and foot warmers knows how well they work, but they also know the struggle of trying to keep them in place while walking or running around. Problem solved! 

9 LENZ 4.0 Heated Sock with Heated Toecap

Bluetooth controls for your socks may seem like a bit of overkill for some, but with how technologically driven our world is these days, it totally makes sense. 

Sure, the fourth iteration of these lithium battery-powered socks with heated toecaps are pricey, but you can monitor the battery life and adjust the heat output as you warm up or cool down — right from a Bluetooth app on your phone!

10 Sharper Image Heated Socks

Sharper Image makes all types of cool gadgets that you'll see in an airplane catalog, and these might just be something that you'd need after getting off your flight to Alaska. These socks are made with a polyester-spandex blend, so they wick moisture and stay snugly in place when you're active.

Plus, they feature battery-rechargeable heating elements that run along the sole of your foot, from heel to toe, because as we all know, heat rises!

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