Estimated Metabolic Rate Chart

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The amount of calories you burn in a day (your active metabolic rate) depends on your activity level, age, height, and weight.

Here's how it looks for a 30-year-old woman who's sitting at a desk all day and burning 400 calories through daily exercise (what you can burn with the workouts in this program). For every inch in height, count on burning about five extra calories a day, and for every decade, you burn about 50 calories less.

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EMRC115 lbs.125 lbs.135 lbs.145 lbs.155 lbs.165 lbs.175 lbs.185 lbs.
5'0"1819 cal1867 cal1914 cal1961 cal2009 cal2056 cal2103 cal2151 cal
5'4"1840 cal1888 cal1935 cal1982 cal2029 cal2077 cal2124 cal2171 cal
5'8"1861 cal1908 cal1956 cal2003 cal2050 cal2097 cal2145 cal2192 cal