Well, Here's a Horrible Consequence of Waxing

It could affect your health — down there.

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In news that will definitely make your day, studies show that waxing (opens in new tab) increases your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, reports MSN (opens in new tab). Waxing causes "micro-traumas" to skin and can lead to "deficits in the mucocutaneous barrier" that can protect you from viruses or bacteria, a study in the JAMA Dermatology (opens in new tab) medical journal finds.

Furthermore, the study offers this:

In the United States, women are more likely to groom for reasons that are sexually driven and are more likely to stop grooming (opens in new tab) when lacking a current sexual partner. Further, pubic hair removal is significantly associated with a greater interest in sex and having a casual sex partner.

So waxing (opens in new tab) weakens your mucous membrane (opens in new tab), thereby making you more vulnerable to infections at the same time you're about to make yourselves more vulnerable to them anyway by simply doing it more. So by the transitive property, we are all literally f*cked.

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