The Marie Claire Challenge: Power Up Your Life!

Are you ready to change your life for good? Welcome to the smart woman's guide to becoming slim, strong, motivated, and focused in 12 short weeks.

Myles Dumas
By now, you've made serious progress toward your dream body. You've developed a healthy five-day-a-week gym habit. And you know which foods give you the fat-burning, energy-boosting effects you want. (Missed all that? Find parts 1 and 2 of our 12-week plan at

The past two months have been easy. But now it's tempting to try the "too busy" excuse--and then there's your best friend's birthday dinner, and next, you're eating the leftover cake from the mail-room guy's farewell party. Just say no. Here's your two-step plan for bulletproofing your healthy habits—forever--against anything life throws at you.

About your trainer: Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels gets you results, whether you have 5 or 50 pounds to lose, with the smart strategies she's honed as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. Find out more about Jillian and her approach at

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