Post-Thanksgiving Damage Control

Here's something not to be thankful for:
The average American gains one pound — an excess of 3500 calories — with every Turkey Day. That often translates to 20 pounds in as many years. While it's sacrilege to diet on this food-indulgent holiday, here's how to get back on track the morning after.

  • Start the day with a run or a walk. You'll kick-start your metabolism and burn about 350 calories (a slice of double-crusted apple pie).
  • Rather than reenact last night's meal at the kitchen counter the next morning, freeze your leftovers in portion-controlled packages.
  • Shop hard. You burn two to five calories a minute on your feet. So get in the spirit and brave the Black Friday crowds. Troll the stores for a solid three hours — that's 360 calories burned (roughly the equivalent of two servings of stuffing).
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