Watch the Badass Woman Who Won 'American Ninja Warrior' in a Mini-Skirt Set Yet *Another* Record

IRL Wonder Woman, coming through.

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Back in August 2016, stuntwoman Jessie Graff made history by becoming the first woman to complete Stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior. And she did it with 12 seconds to spare, while wearing a Green Lantern-inspired costume because yes—she is 100 percent a superhero. And now? Now she's back for Stage 2, which yep, she completely destroyed.


Graff made history once again during American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. the World—maneuvering her body in a series of feats that seem to defy gravity like a real-life Diana Prince.

"Recently I have gotten some face time which I have strived to use for breaking gender stereotypes, and becoming a positive female role model," she says on her website. "Being feminine shouldn't mean you can't be athletic, strong, and confident. Healthy is attractive!"

PREACH. Also, please take a moment to appreciate how Graff celebrated the premiere of Wonder Woman:

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