Own It! Work Out Like A Victoria's Secret Angel in the New Year

On Tuesday night, Victoria's Secret gave us the butt-kicking of a lifetime to celebrate its VSX sport collection — an hour-long training session with Angel Adriana Lima and her trainer, boxing champion and co-founder of Aerospace NYC, Michael Olajide. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to set new fitness goals, so we went into the workout with open ears, hoping to pick up some tips from the top trainer. Luckily, we got plenty of them — along with burning abs the next morning.

Michael took us through a typical training routine with Adriana at his side, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that it would be simple to do the entire session at home. First, we focused on the core, with standing oblique twists, crunches, and leg lifts that hit both the lower and upper abs. Next came the cardio: 15 minutes of jump-roping followed by 15 minutes of boxing. Michael says that he and his Angels concentrate on "upper body cardio" — while most cardiovascular workouts like running and cycling focus on the legs, jumping rope and boxing work the core and arm muscles. Jumping started off simple, but progressed into a challenging routine with fancy footwork like crossovers and double-turns.

The same can be said about boxing section — the fast-paced combinations (jabs, uppercuts, hooks) were definitely not easy to follow, so we're glad that we had positioned ourselves right behind Adriana, who was a total pro. Finally, we finished off with small isolations to work the glutes and thighs with a resistance band tied around our ankles, with some squat jumps thrown in for good measure.

This Angel-approved workout might not sound like much, but we (and Adriana!) were seriously sweaty at the end of the hour. So, we suggest picking up a jump rope, some light hand weights, and one of Michael's Aerospace DVDs — you'll be one step closer to looking like a supermodel in 2013.

Photos: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

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