What Michelle Obama's Horoscope Has In Store for Her This International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a time to celebrate female badassery in all its forms. Luckily, Kyle Thomas, who's an astrologer at Love by Luna, is here to tell us exactly how five of our favorite celebs are going to rock our worlds today.

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International Women's Day is a time to celebrate female badassery in all its forms. Luckily, Kyle Thomas, who's an astrologer at Love by Luna, is here to tell us exactly how five of our favorite celebs—who already rule in their various fields—are going to rock our worlds today. Apparently, Thomas says, "This month, we have some very notable movements of the stars throughout the sky, with several planets bringing extra focus and power to certain zodiac signs."

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Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet's daughter is now a cultural phenom in her own right. Her IWD looks like it'll be in keeping with her grounded, spiritual identity:

This Fire Sign is known for its consistent desire to explore more about the world, whether that be through travel, experimentation, academics, or spirituality. With Jupiter, the planet of miracles and fortune, gracing all Sagittarius until December 2019, Zoe’s star is surely on the rise. The more she leans into her own authentic self at this time, she will surely solidify her position as a global phenomenon.

Michelle Obama (Capricorn)

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Not that we don't know this already, but "As an ambitious Earth Sign, Michelle has built a legacy that can affect the world for the better for the long-term," says Thomas.

Right now, Pluto, planet of transformation, and Saturn, planet of longevity and structure, are within Capricorn. Because of this, Michelle’s stars say that she is working to build some extremely long-lasting plans using her prestige. She is unafraid to use her power for good, and with this far-reaching vision, she will continue to do exactly that.

I can't wait to see it, TBH.

Rihanna (Pisces)

It is the SEASON of the Pisces right now (way to go, fishies!): "It’s your season for most of March, and this always creates such a sensitive and sweet energy throughout the cosmos."

Pisces, the most mystical sign, often have active and profound imaginations, which can allow them to dream of “worlds still to come.” With the Sun lighting up all Pisces now and Jupiter, giver of blessings and luck, giving them career gifts until December 2019, expect that Rihanna’s ability to reshape the world for the better will continue on.

Since Rihanna is a humanitarian as well as a performer, it sounds like her "beautiful Piscean heart" is going strong.

Adele (Taurus)

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Adele is one of the "biggest Taurus creatives to grace the modern era"—Taurus is apparently ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art.

When Taurus loves someone, they love completely, which is what can cause this Earth Sign to channel their emotions into a creative vehicle. Taurus also rules the throat, which is where Adele’s talents clearly shine. However, beyond all this, Taurus are also known for their deep hearts and Adele’s desire to transform the world around her using her music sets her apart...Mars, planet of passion and focus, will be in Taurus all month, lending even greater power to Adele at this time. Her voice has the power to echo on greater than ever before.

Oprah (Aquarius)

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The Aquarius sign is talented and human-focused, and rules technology—yea, that sounds about right for the TV titan. And the stars are continuing to align for her:

Throughout most of this month, Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, will be twirling through Aquarius. This means that not only Oprah, but all Aquarius, will have an easier ability to speak from the heart and connect to beauty. Art will be favored for Oprah now, so hopefully she is channeling it into women’s issues or creative pursuits. Trust that inner Muse, Oprah, you have the torch.


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