Here's What the Obamas Are Doing on Their Last Day in the White House

Other than crying, probably 😭😭.

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The Inauguration is just one day away, which means that, for better or worse, the Obama era is over (😰). The Trump (opens in new tab) administration (opens in new tab) will soon take over Washington, D.C. (opens in new tab), the White House (opens in new tab), and, you know, the country.

It's been an eventful few weeks on Capitol Hill, and in the midst the farewell addresses (opens in new tab) and inauguration prep (opens in new tab), our favorite First Family is packing up to move (opens in new tab) out of their famous address. We've already gotten a peek at the Obamas' spectacular new digs (opens in new tab), but we took a closer look into what Obama family is doing during their last few days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

In her last few hours as First Lady, Michelle posted a video on Instagram of her walking through "the People's House" with her two furry friends.

2. POTUS and FLOTUS are taking in the view.

In another adorable Instagram post, Michelle and Barack are seen embracing as they look over the White House lawn. We know: #CouplesGoals, #ViewGoals, #HugGoals, #LifeGoals, etc.

3. They're packing up old family photos.

SO MANY TBTs! Never stop being cute, Obama fam.

4. Sasha is studying.

Sasha missed her dad's epic farewell speech (opens in new tab) in Chicago last week because of an exam, so she likely has no time to help pack up. 'Tis the life of a high school student.

5. The daughters are preparing for life outside the spotlight.

Sasha and Malia are taking cues from former first daughters Barbara and Jenna Bush, who wrote them an open letter offering guidance and support. And, since Malia has spent her gap year turning into a mini-Michelle (opens in new tab), we have no doubt the Obama sisters will continue to make their parents—and our country—so very proud.

6. But Sasha and Malia are also probably still trolling their parents on social media.

It wouldn't be the first time Sasha and Malia poke fun at their parents (opens in new tab), doing as teenagers do. At least POTUS is a good sport about it.

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7. Barack and Michelle are planning their next power-couple move.

What comes after leading the free world? In his last press conference, the President said he's planning on writing a book and spending more time with his family. As for the First Lady, well, we know (opens in new tab) there's literally *nothing* she can't do (opens in new tab).

8. The President and Vice President are taking their last meme-able photos together.

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Biden memes (opens in new tab) were the greatest thing to come out of the black hole that was 2016. Since besties Joe and Barack (opens in new tab) will be leaving the White House soon, we hope they're getting their last meme-worthy pics together now.

9. No matter what, the Obamas are making way for a peaceful transition of power.

Because (opens in new tab) that's how you do (opens in new tab) it in America. Mic drop.

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