Places to Stay (Like Royalty): NYC's The New York Palace

Luxury New York City Hotels - The New York Palace Redesign

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Upon first glance, you may recognize The New York Palace as a mainstay shooting locale from Gossip Girl's first season, but in reality The Palace is much, much more than a playground for Manhattan's fictional elite. Featuring 815 rooms and 84 suites, The Palace elegantly combines a contemporary 55-story tower and the historic Villard Mansion, dating back to 1882. The hotel's next stage? A $140 million redesign, complete with a $25 million makeover of its Towers accommodations, occupying the hotel's top 14 floors. The renovations of both The Towers component and the The Palace as a whole reflect quite an upscale, sophisticated luxury while maintaining design inspiration from the Italian cathedral-influenced Villard Mansion courtyard — think subdued color palettes, bright mixed media artwork, contemporary accents, and of course, unbeatable skyline views. The Towers' rooms and suites are scheduled for completion this summer, with its lobby following shortly thereafter.

Take a look at some insider snaps of the hotel's luxe new digs, below, and for more information, head to (opens in new tab).

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