Kayla Webley Adler

Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Talks Surviving and Thriving in the Trump Era

One-year after Donald Trump’s election, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards talks about the road ahead.

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The Women of Congress Share Why They Almost Didn't Run for Office
"As someone who has led a fairly private life, I hesitated to share my personal story with the world. As an immigrant and refugee, I di…
Thinking of Running for Office? Here's How to Get Started

These five candidate training programs will help you become a seasoned political pro in no time.

The Women of Congress Share Why They Ran for Office

"I'm grateful for models and mentors in my life who believed in me and challenged me to dream bigger dreams.”

How to Build Buzz After You've Decided to Run for Office

Step 1: Make news.

The Breakdown: Why Women are Running for Office

We surveyed over 700 women to uncover everything from what's motivating them to their biggest fears, and the results are fascinating.

How to Nail the Debate on the Campaign Trail

These four rules will have you dominating the stage.

How to Conquer Internet Trolls During Your Campaign

Brianna Wu, the woman at the center of the Gamergate scandal, shares how she overcame harassment from strangers.

How to Bring in the Big Bucks for Your Political Campaign

Hint: It's time to get personal.

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Here's How to Deal with Press on the Campaign Trail

Avoid flubs, freak-outs, and media fails with the help of the reporters who know best.

The Women of Congress on What Life in Politics Is Really Like

You'll never guess who eats dark chocolate ice cream for breakfast.

The Women of Congress on Why Women Should Run for Office

Here's why we need women in office now more than ever.

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How to Maintain a Strong Digital Presence on the Campaign Trail

You'll find the young voters on Snapchat and Instagram.

Former First Lady Policy Director Krishanti Vignarajah on How to Stay Sane on the Campaign Trail

Michelle Obama's former policy director reveals her essentials while campaigning.

The Women of Congress Share Their Best Advice on How to Be a Boss

"When someone sells you short, you have to ‘kill ‘em with competence."

How I Did It: Advice from Real Women Who Campaigned (and Won)

Insight into life on the campaign trail from the winners.

What Happens When You Can't Afford an Abortion?
Until the government can make abortion illegal, it's making it unaffordable. Tens of thousands of women who need one can't pay—when tha…
We Have More Female Senators Than Ever Before—Here Are the 4 New Ones to Watch

What you need to know about the Senate's freshman females.

Why "Let Girls Learn" Is One of the Most Critical Things to Remember from the Obama White House

Inside Michelle Obama's initiative and its powerful, world-changing results.

Why I, a Republican, Am Voting for Hillary Clinton

Lifelong GOP die-hard Jennifer Pierotti Lim on jumping ship.

The Truth About the Pay Gap

It's 2016—and women *still* only make about three-quarters of what men do. Isn't it about time that changed?

The Most Over-the-Top Outfits from the DNC

More sequins, please.

Supreme Court abortion
The 5 Most Epic Lines from the Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Here's how SCOTUS made their decision.

An Exclusive First Look at 'Trapped,' the New Abortion Documentary You *Need* to See

Inside what's really at stake in the battle for reproductive rights.

On the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars
Dr. Colleen McNicholas zig-zags across the Midwest—considered an "abortion desert"—to provide women with care that's harder and harder …
Meet the Women Behind #BlackLivesMatter

"We needed a glimmer of hope."

This Girl Is on Fire: Why Gymnast Simone Biles Should Be on Your Radar (If She Isn't Already)

She's been compared to Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Tom Brady—and she's just getting started.

Former Senator Olympia Snowe Has a Plan to Close the Confidence Gap

When young women have higher self-esteem, everyone wins.

Sex Trafficking on the Reservation: One Native American Nation's Struggle Against the Trade

A quiet community gets taken by storm.

Please Stop Acting Like We Vote with Our Vaginas
Just because we share an anatomy with Carly Fiorina doesn't mean we're automatic converts—especially in light of her anti-woman policie…