Banish Back Breakouts

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When it's warm, I love to wear tops that show off my back, but sometimes I break out there. What can I do?

The upper back is full of oil glands, making it a prime spot for breakouts, says California-based dermatologist David Sire, M.D. Since perspiration is a main cause of clogged pores, it's not unusual to see more back acne during the hot summer months. Dr. Sire offers five steps to a better-looking back:

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1. Avoid polyester and tight clothing that holds skin-irritating heat and moisture close to your back.

2. The friction from rubbing against vinyl materials can aggravate the problem. Try placing a cotton-covered cushion over your car seat and office chair.

3. Before bed, apply a benzoyl peroxide product directly on the pimples to dry them out and kill bacteria. Try: Oxy Balance Emergency Spot Treatment.

4. Avoid showering in very hot water, as it can irritate the skin.

5. To keep pores clear, wash your back in the shower with a soap containing salicylic acid, like Neutrogena Acne Body Wash.

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