How to Get Perfect Brows in 10 Seconds Flat

Want fuller brows fast? Try this easy hack.

Today's brow mania can make a sparse-browed gal long for the '90s, when thin was in. Back then, supermodel Kate Moss and her skimpy arches ruled the runway; there was even a catwalk fixture who sported no brows at all. (That would be Kristen McMenamy—Google it.)

Alas, while we can't give you a time machine to rewind to an era when teensy eyebrows would fit right in, we can fast forward and give you a sneak peak of the easiest brow-plumper ever. Debuting in January, this crayon is destined to make your arches look oh-so-2016—full, thick, and curvaceous. Here's what you need to do.

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1 Brush Brows Down

Using a spoolie, brush brows against the grain. "This help expose your skin, so the crayon has something to adhere to," says makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus.

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2 Add Color and Shine

Draw short strokes with Maybelline New York Brow Drama Pomade Crayon, which acts like a powder and wax all in one. Consider this stick a triple threat: It'll boost your color, deliver hold, and give brows a nice sheen. Choose a shade that blends with your natural color, so the product doesn't stand out; it's available in brown, soft brown, auburn, and blonde.

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3 Brush Brows Back Up

Spoolie time again. This time, brush brows up back into place. It'll soften the crayon and give eyes an instant lift.

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4 And Done

Bulked-up brows? Check.

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