The 5 Seriously Good Fall Makeup Products You Need in Your Life

They're about to be the pumpkin spice latte of your makeup bag.

Look, we're not going to pretend that you absolutely, positively need to overhaul your entire makeup routine with each changing season. It's not 1921, we're not your grandmother, and we also wear white after Labor Day. What a crazy time to be alive.

But we will tell you that the changing hues of fall, with all of its bronze-y browns and rusty reds, does give you a bit more leeway to play with all of the deepest and richest lipsticks, eyeshadows, and polishes that are launching this season.

Which means you have all of the justification in the world to buy everything that's been sitting in your shopping cart for three months. And to help make the transition a little smoother, we picked the very best must-haves for fall, ahead.

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1 Flirt Cosmetics Rock-N-Rebel Kajal Eyeliner

Wearing kohl kajal eyeliner in the sweaty summer is a guaranteed way to get a face-melting, Lauren Conrad-crying moment, but draw it across your upper and lower lash lines in the fall, and you've got a smudgy, sultry eye look that gets smokier as the day goes on.  

Flirt Cosmetics Rock-N-Rebel Kajal Eyeliner, $16


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2 Stellar Magnetic Eyeshadow Solar Palette

This terra cotta-based palette houses 10 shimmery and iridescent shadows in earthy tones, like cranberry, copper, and chestnut, for a zillion fully versatile fall looks.

Stellar Magnetic Eyeshadow Solar Palette, $42


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3 It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation

Cooler temps mean drier skin, which brings out all of the crepe-y little lines around your eyes and forehead that makeup loves to settle into. But this serum-based foundation is not only lightweight, but ultra-hydrating, using hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and peptides to plump fine lines and smooth dry patches, without sliding off your face.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation, $38


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4 Essie Fall 2017 Nail Polish Collection

Aside from the perfectly on-point '90s names, like As If, Saved By the Belle, and Knee-High Life, we also love that these super-opaque polishes bring soft contrast to the darkness of fall, with shimmer-flecked navy, smoky periwinkle, and iridescent lavender shades.

Essie Fall 2017 Nail Polish Collection, $9 each


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5 Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment

Semi-matte and insanely pigmented, these longwear lipsticks feel like a cross between a gloss and a balm (yes, that's a thing), leaving behind a soft stain when they fade. Plus, they come in the deepest shades of burgundy, chocolate brown, and mulberry.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment, $26


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