This Is Not a Drill: Blake Lively Has a Bob and You Must See It

We never thought we'd see the day.

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Blake Lively is nothing if not the epitome of hair envy. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but there's no denying that the actress/mother/ride-or-die lifestyle blogger is the quintessential blonde bombshell with thick, free-flowing blonde locks that seem to come straight from a fairy tale.

That being said, the possibility of Lively going for the chop just never occurred to us —that is, until we caught wind of her on the set of Woody Allen's new smovie in NYC, donning a strawberry blonde bob that may or may not be a wig.

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Perhaps we should have seen this coming, as Allen is notoriously partial to the Roaring Twenties where a pin-curled bob was all the rage, but we have to say it's throwing us for a bit of a loop.

Unlike exposed roots or giving bronde a go, a real-life cut of this magnitude would be a real shakeup. But we're totally clinging to the hope that her hairstylist Rod Ortega—the man that gave her glorious mane 5 different hairstyles in one day—simply wouldn't allow such a cardinal hair sin to be committed.

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