The New H&M Collection Packs in Literally Every Fall Makeup Trend for Under $15

*Buys everything, never looks back*

If you haven't gotten lost in H&M's beauty section, you may not know just how on-the-money their offerings are. Case in point: Their new, limited-edition Precious Glow collection, which not only takes on the season's biggest trends—metallic lipstick, gilded brows, foil-effect shadows, and crystal eye gems—but does so in wallet-friendly fashion to the tune of $15 and under. Here, find out precisely why you're going to want to snap up the ENTIRE collection.

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The Fluid Foil Eye Color

With its rich pigments and opulent foil finish, you'll be addicted to these high-octane shadows. The precise, apothecary-like dropper applicator won't look bad on your vanity either.

H&M Liquid Eyeshadow in Bell Bronze and Pop Of The Cork, $9.99;

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Channel Cara Delevingne's badass look at the Suicide Squad premiere by layering the metallic foil pigment on thick with smoky black liner on the waterlines.

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The Metallic Lip Color

H&M's creamy, long-lasting lip color formulas now come in a slew of metallic shades—including Sugar and Spice (a moody dark pink) to You're Golden (a muted yellow gold)—that will give your lips sexy dimension.

H&M Metallic Lip Color, coming soon to

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Go bold! At the Star Wars premiere, Lupita Nyong'o proved that you don't have to pare back your eye makeup just because you're donning a '90s-inspired frosty lip. When you opt for complementary hues, like the silver in her dusted-on inner corners, you've got a winning, out-of-this-world combination.

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The Dazzle Lip Topper

Because yes, lips can be glow-y too.These holograph glosses can be worn on their own or layered over lipstick as a glossy top coat.

H&M Dazzle Lip Topper, $9.99;

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Rihanna was a stunner at the British Fashion Awards (I mean, obviously) due in no small part to her sheeny pout. So make like RiRi and spice up a nude lip by topping things off with a lustrous, vinyl-like gloss.

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The Gilded Brow Tint

In three electrifying hues, these shimmer-flecked, pigment-rich brow tints will turn your arches into utter works of art.

H&M Gilded Brow Tint in Spun Gold, Electrum, and Silver Sapphire, $7.99;

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Ever since Pat McGrath introduced lush gold brows at Dior Spring 2014, the beauty world has been obsessed with embellished statement brows. If you don't want to go full-on shellacked, you can add a more subtle sweep of luster with the Gilded Brow Tint.

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The All Things Precious Eyeshadow

Matte shadows? Maybe another season. This palette, featuring four shimmery metallic takes in gold, silver, bronze, and burgundy.

H&M All Things Precious Eyeshadow, $12.99

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For a striking pop of color at the Star Wars premiere, Zoe Saldana looked to an iridescent violet shadow. A more lit alternative to the classic black smoky eye, it looks *amazing* with a fresh-faced glow.

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