8 Fresh-Pressed Juice Cocktails for Summer

Juicing is all the rage this summer, and while it's a great way to start the day, it's also a fantastic way to kick-off happy hour. We've got 8 fresh-pressed cocktails that will make you want to skip the bar and D.I.Y.


juicing cocktail
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    To Your Own Beat

    2oz Hennessy V.S
    Splash agave nectar
    Beet ginger juice  *(recipe to follow)
    Grapefruit wheel garnish

    Add all ingredients to a shaker tin and shake with ice until well chilled.  Strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice and garnish with a grapefruit twist.

    *Beet Ginger Juice: Take a medium sized beet, peel, add to juicer with 1 whole apple, thumb sized piece of peeled ginger.  Combine this juice with 2.5 cups of red grapefruit juice and .5 oz of fresh lime juice.


    Courtesy of Hennessy
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