Tina Fey's 20 All-Time Best Comedic Clips

Everyone's favorite funny lady Tina Fey turns 43 on Saturday, May 18, so we at MC have taken this milestone as an opportunity to devour the greatest moments of her decades-long comedic history. This weekend, celebrate the Queen of Comedy with these 20 legendary moments from her TV and movie repertoire — including Mean Girls, 30 Rock, SNL, and more.


May 17, 2013 2:30 PM
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Courtesy of Everett

Mean Girls

Clip: Girl World Intervention

Aside from the obvious, well-repeated jabs ("Do you even go to this school?"), this scene is particularly brilliant, showcasing Tina's immense diversity as both a comedian and an actress. When she asked if any of us have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George, we, if only for a moment, considered raising our hands.