Shailene Woodley: Earth Angel

With four upcoming movies, including this month's The Spectacular Now, actress Shailene Woodley is poised for superstardom — whether she wants it or not.


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    Earth Angel

    Woodley may have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward show business and its attendant perks, but there are talents who inspire her: "To work with Ewan McGregor, Mélanie Laurent, or Mark Ruffalo would be pretty epic." Still, she says, "If I didn't have acting, I would be just as happy. I would probably be an herbalist, or maybe I would open a fruit stand on a Hawaiian island." @shailenewoodley

    Jacket, $2,850, Balenciaga; top, from $35, Metropolis Vintage.

    Peter Ash Lee
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