Kim Kardashian Cried When Kanye Made Her Give Up Her Shoes, But Ultimately Emerged a Stronger, Chicer Person
Think butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
Danica Patrick Is an Animal-Loving Record Breaker Who's Always Ready For a Girls' Night Out
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Kim and Fam Share Never-Before-Seen Looks at Last Year's Wedding
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Even Taylor Swift's Mom Thought the Line Was "Starbucks Lovers" in 'Blank Space'
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Sentimental Married Man Kanye West Tweets About Undying Love for Kim Kardashian
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14 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Their Moms
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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Inspire Some Fast and Furious #FOMO
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Turns Out, Cannes Doesn't Have a Rule Against Flats After All
The director of the festival called the rumor "bullshit" before apologizing.
Reese Witherspoon Has Been Cast as Tinkerbell and Life Is Great
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Everything to Watch on Netflix in June
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Warning: This Video Will Make You Love Justin Bieber
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Kendall Jenner Manages to Make High Fashion Look Like NBD
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Taylor Swift and Her "Bad Blood" Girl Gang Went Shopping at a Hardcore Bondage Store
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George Clooney Is Pretty "Eh" About Having Kids
Nice deflection technique, tho.
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