Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Are Reportedly Dating


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According to E! News, the Hunger Gamesactress and Coldplay singer have "been spending quality together since late June," aka since she split with Nicholas Hoult.

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Martin of course consciously uncoupled from wife Gwyneth Paltrow earlier this year, and according to E!, J.Law's split from her hunky X-Men co-star/boyfriend was "very amicable"—aren't they always?

This comes after the news that GOOP is dating Glee Co-Creator Brad Falchuk and Hoult was seen canoodling eating sushi with Kristen Stewart in Tokyo where they're on location for an upcoming project.

So maybe all the exes have found happiness! It's like a very very strange rom-com. But really, J.Law and Chris Martin...WHAT?!?!


From: ELLE
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