MC Cheatsheet: Supermodels Who Don't Age & Jon Hamm in a Tux

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Erin: "Need one more reason to hate on supermodels? This 'Guess My Age: Supermodel Edition' will do the trick." [StyleList]

Jessica: "38 photos of Jon Hamm in a tux. You're welcome. (And tune in on Sunday!)" [BuzzFeed]

Anna: "I can't say that Charlotte Ronson's line for JC Penney, I Heart Ronson, really blew me away last year — but this year's lookbook just got released, and I am loving the ladylike silhouettes, fun fabrics, and skirts skirts skirts!" [Fashionista]

Kate: "Yep, LiLo, my biggest pre-jail concern would definitely be the plumpness of my lips." [Us Weekly]

Lauren: "Fart-neutralizing underwear inserts. Um…" [Gawker]

Koryn: "As it turns out, men's obsession/paranoia with their penises is not completely unwarranted." [Men's Health]

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