MC Cheatsheet: Diamonds May No Longer Be Naomi Campbell's Best Friend

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Kate: "Poor, rich Naomi Campbell's has been handling the testimony quite well. I mean, If random men woke me up with a gift of 'dirty-looking' blood diamonds at three in the morning, I'd throw a cell phone at someone." [New York Post]

Lauren: "Michelle's taking heat for being out of town for Barack's birthday. And the healthcare victory. And his oil spill address. Um, can you say 'fire the scheduler?'" [New York Times]

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Katie: "Lady Gaga takes a bath in a bunch of hands. I hope they were well Purell'd." [Styleite]

Jessica: "For your summer listening pleasure: Katy Perry's and Phil Collins' musical lovechild." [Best Week Ever]

Sophia: "Do attractive women actually face a beauty bias at work? " [Science Daily]

Koryn: "Newest crotch craze: 'twatooing,' an airbrushed tattoo on your lady parts that will last up to a week as long you avoid engaging in 'extremely heavy friction.'" [The Luxury Spot]

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