MC Cheatsheet: Tim Gunn Tells It Like It Is & Danielle Staub's Return to TV?

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Katie: "Tim Gunn on The Daily Show. Be still, my heart." [Huffington Post]

Sophia: "Thought you'd seen the last of New Jersey's scariest single mom, Danielle Staub? Editors at The Frisky have come up with a roster of new show ideas for her. Let's hope Bravo doesn't see this." [The Frisky]

Lea: "A Westchester, New York, bride apparently fakes terminal cancer for the swag. Talk about a bridezilla!" [Times Herald-Record]

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Jessica: "Get out your tissues in honor of the best episode of Mad Men yet." [Sad Don Draper]

Anna: "There are few things I love more than an awesome designer/Target collaboration, and the rumor that Prabal Gurung may be up next is giving me a warm, tingly feeling inside." [Fashionista]

Kate: "Um, thanks? The geniuses at have solved one of life's eternal issues — getting that irritating ditty that's been bouncing around in your head gone, for good." [Lemondrop]

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