Turning 92-years-old today, comedian Betty White has been funny for a long time. A pioneer for women in comedy, White started her career in the 1940s at a radio station. In 1949, she transitioned onto the small screen and starred on the show Hollywood on Television. Shortly after in 1952, she co-founded her on production company, Bandy Productions, becoming one of the first female producers in Hollywood.

In 1973, White played the role of Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, from which she won two Emmys. Of course, there is also The Golden Girls, where she played Rose Nylund.

Even at over 90, White has gone on to star in everything from 30 Rock, a hilarious Snicker's commercial (see below), to hosting Saturday Night Live (she won an Emmy for that, too). She even has her own show, Betty White's Off Their Rockers, in which she gets the elderly to play pranks on the younger generation.

In an ode to Betty and how she paved the way for female comedians, take a look at her successes AND had killer style, as well.

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