Here's How Kate Middleton Is Spending Valentine's Day

Yes, she wore red.

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It's Valentine's Day, which means you are either: 1) binge eating chocolate, or 2) flying in a helicopter with a bunch of good looking cadets. Also, option #2 only applies to Kate Middleton.

While we don't know what The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William will be getting up to this evening (a romantic dinner, one assumes?), Duchess Kate donned a red suit (so on theme!) and spent the day with Royal Air Force cadets, who looked straight-up THRILLED to be hanging with her.

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Unfortunately, an evil gust of wind tried to ruin her V-day vibes...

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But she overcame:

Also, she did a flight simulation, which looks pretty fun:

In summary, being Kate Middleton of Valentine's Day is the best.

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