You're Going to Be Obsessed with Justin Trudeau's Super Exhausted Personal Assistant

Skills: falling asleep in random places, being generally sleepy.

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You're already obsessed with Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister who builds pillow forts, hugs unicorn puppets, and could kayak up to you at any moment. But have you met his personal assistant, Tommy Desfossés?

This blessed man has the job of chilling with Trudeau on the daily, and photographer Adam Scotti has been documenting some of his best moments. And by best, we mean sleepiest, most over-worked, and frankly "he is all of us" inspiring.

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The Time He Carried Trudeau's Stuff

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And Got in on the Joke

The Time He Fell Asleep

The Time He Fell Asleep Again (While Guarding Chocolates)

And Finally, the Time He Couldn't Put on His Sweater

Never change, Tommy.

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