Kendall Jenner Looks Amazing in Interview Magazine Spread

Of course she does.

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Kendall Jenner just did an interview and photo shoot for the June/July issue of Interview magazine, proving she's not just a TV personality/part of the Kardashian clan/18-years-old, but really a model. In the interview, Jenner spoke with Chris Wallace about her childhood dreams and how they're all pretty much coming true.

The interview delves into Jenner's role models, worst nightmares, and and who she's starstruck by (Beyoncé, obviously). We also hear from her softer side when she says, "I feel like someone would think of me, or anyone in my family, as unappreciative of a moment, and I've really learned to appreciate a moment. I take things in a lot."

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She posted some of the photos to her Instagram this morning, too, and as you would expect, most of the Internet is freaking out about how she's topless.

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