Here's an Exclusive Look at Netflix's Highly Anticipated New Film About Obama's College Years

What happens at Columbia doesn't stay at Columbia.

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Barack Obama is leaving the Oval office in just a few weeks (😭 😭 😭 ), but it's chill: we can now get our POTUS fix via Netflix's new film Barry. Try not to publicly flail with excitement, but Barry's about Obama's junior year at Columbia University, and yup—it looks amazing. got our hands on a series of exclusive (and very nostalgic) gallery photos from the film, which stars relative newcomers Devon Terrell and Anya Taylor-Joy. Check them out in all their glory below, and PSA: the following includes Barack Obama shirtless in bed with a lady friend.

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Get it, Barry.

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Barry premieres on Netflix on December 16. Watch the trailer below.

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