Tim Gunn's Rules of Style

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    Capri Confusion

    "As a woman in her mid-20s, I was wondering: Are capri-length dress pants professional for warm-weather months?"

    Please forgive me, but I must deliver my capri pant rant. Unless you are a supermodel or are of supermodel size and shape, don't wear them. Our clothes are optical illusions — that is, they can make us look heavier, skinnier, taller, or shorter. In the case of capri pants, their effect is to visually shorten the wearer. Who wants to look shorter? I've had a recent epiphany about why women are so attracted to capris: They need only be concerned with one measurement, the waist. The length doesn't matter because it falls where it falls, unlike a full-length pant, which needs to conform to the full length of one's leg and the shoe that one is wearing. If you're tall and lean, then indulge. Wear flats with a blouson top as a counterpoint to the sleek (never baggy!) fit of the capris.

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