Travel Diary: Florence, Italy and the Gucci Flora Garden Collection

MC's Executive Beauty Editor traveled to Florence, Italy for the launch of Gucci's new fragrance collection, Flora Garden. She reports back on the five fresh scents, and the couture gowns designed to complement them.


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    The Scent of Gucci

    Next I hightail it over to a "fragrance workshop" back at the Palazzo Capponi, where P&G Prestige scent guru Will Andrews reveals the scents up close and personal. "Think of fragrance as an invisible accessory," he proclaims, which sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it? Scent strips of the various perfumes are passed around, each more exciting than the next. The mandarin is particularly sparkly, the sweet tuberose is perfectly balanced by watery notes of green, and the heavenly gardenia is brought back down to earth with an infusion of patchouli. Directly after, I find myself having tea in a nearby parlor opposite Giannini herself. Elaborating on Kershaw as the face of the unveiling, she says the Aussie was perfect to embody the fragrance collection because "she is such a chameleon and yet being a model, the ideal abstract," which perfectly complements Giannini's vision for the series as portraying the five different facets of one confident, strong woman, a subject on which this powerhouse seems particularly well-versed.
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