The Biggest Female Names In TV Today

Diane Sawyer’s announcing of her imminent departure from ABC World News this week means that the number of female nightly news anchors on a major network in the United States has dropped down to zero. As disappointing as this statistic may be, there are plenty of women making waves in the world of broadcast journalism today. We've rounded up some of the biggest female names TV has ever seen.


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    Barbara Walters

    Celebrities, politicians, athletes and other public figures know they’ve made it when they sit down for an interview with Barbara Walters. When Walters’s career at the Today show began, the idea of a woman covering hard news was unheard of—she was only trusted with the weather and lighthearted assignments. Although it took some time for her co-workers to get used to the idea of a female journalist (host Frank McGee reportedly refused to do interviews with Walters unless he got to ask the first three questions), she was officially named the show’s first woman co-host ever, in 1974. That was just the start of an illustrious career as a television host: she hosted 20/20 for 20 years, served as an ABC Evening News anchor, as well as creating and co-hosting daytime talk show The View for the past 17 years. Though she’s recently retired from The View and ABC News, we know it’s never the end for Walters. 

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