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royal wedding 2018 Meghan Markle Prince Harry Carriage
Guys, Meghan Markle Is Wearing Crazy-Chill Wedding Makeup

Behold: The most classic Meghan makeup ever.

Meghan Markle Is Wearing the Coolest Twisted Bun to Get Married

A sleek chignon is about to be the most-copied hairstyle in history.

WORTH IT: The 5 Insanely Good Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, no-bullshit reviews of new products you'll actually want to buy.

The 5 Best SPF-Filled Moisturizers I Promise Don’t Suck

They're lightweight, non-greasy, and no, they won't break you out.

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Why You’re About to See “Cica,” a New Magical Beauty Ingredient, Everywhere

For once, a skincare ingredient that's totally worth the hype.

The 5 Best Self-Tanners That Will Never, Ever, Ever Streak

Welcome to your new, perfectly bronzed life.

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Rose-Gold Hair Is Officially the Biggest Hair Trend We’ve Seen in Decades

And we found the three best products to get the color at home.

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Young-Looking Grandma

This is what happens when you use retinol for 50 YEARS.

How a Editor Gets Ready in the A.M.

Senior Features Editor Danielle McNally packs a lot into her mornings.

Do Those Jade Rollers Really Work, or Are They Just Pretty?

A little investigation from your resident skeptic.

The 7 Best, Most Beloved Drugstore Foundations of All Time

Trust me—these cult-favorite formulas are g'damn phenomenal.

Bella Hadid's 10-Pound Met Gala Veil Had to Be Sewn to Her Head

And today, she's in a neck brace. Just kidding.

Okay, You Really Need to Be Using Argan Oil on Your Face

It's seriously magical—especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

4 Ways to Transform Your Brows

The exact brow look you want is actually so easy.

I Used Korean Beauty Products for Two Weeks and This Is How It Changed My Skin

Editor tested, complexion approved.

What Happened When I Took a Private Jet with Beyonce's Makeup Artist

I now know all of Queen Bey's beauty secrets, and I'm going to share them with you.

This Beauty Editor Is Going the Distance

It's quite a sprint from makeup to marathon.

Glitter Butts Are the New NSFW Summer Trend You Need to See

Finally, a festival look I can actually get behind.

5 Crazy-Good Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, unfiltered reviews of new products that are actually worth your $$.