5 Tricks That Will Make Your Blush Last All Day

Peace out, disappearing act.

If you're sick of sweeping on a lovely shade of blush (opens in new tab) only to have to slide off your face a few hours later, we're here to help. Whether your skin is naturally oily, dry, or just plain sweaty (opens in new tab), getting a pretty, long-lasting glow is possible if you follow these easy tips.

If you want to make your blush blend into your skin and not just sit atop it (thereby making it easier to simply slide off), always, always wash and moisturize your face (opens in new tab) first—even if you have oily skin (opens in new tab). Dry, oily, or flaky skin doesn't absorb makeup as well, so keeping your skin healthy, exfoliated, clean, and supple (opens in new tab) allows makeup to blend in beautifully and last longer.

In addition to evening out your skin tone and creating a smooth surface for the rest of your beauty products, applying a primer (opens in new tab) before your foundation makes all of your makeup last longer. This step is especially important in the summer when your skin gets extra slick due to all the humidity and the resulting sweatiness (opens in new tab).

As with the moisturizer, liquid foundation (opens in new tab) creates a dewier surface for your blush to blend into, making it look more natural and allowing your cheeks to retain the color better.

Layering a cream or gel blush underneath a powder blush is an easy way to get a gorgeous, customized color that suits your skin perfectly and adds to the staying power of your glow. Instead of setting your cheek makeup with translucent powder, simply swap it out for a powder blush. Just be sure to use each formula sparingly (opens in new tab)—you don't want to show up at work looking like a Toddlers & Tiaras contestant.

Seal in your look without drying out your skin or adding another layer of color by spritzing a setting spray (opens in new tab) all over your face after your finish applying your makeup. One of our Institute (opens in new tab)'s favorite picks: Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($14, Sephora (opens in new tab)).

Samantha Escobar
Samantha Escobar

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