This New 3D Hologram App Is Taking Nail Art to the Next Level

Your mani will never be the same.

Metaverse Makeovers

While some might argue that nail art is dead, a tech startup is hoping to bring it back to life. With the help of a recently-launched feature on Metaverse Makeovers' MM Nails app, manicure enthusiasts can now capture 3D videos of their freshly-painted fingertips and send them to friends. You could consider it the Snapchat counterpart created exclusively for your cuticles. 

Metaverse Makeovers

With the hologram function on the app, users can decorate their nails with adorable animations and images—think sparkles, butterflies, fireworks, and yes, even dancing kittens. The best part, though? Once you snap your mani in all its digitally adorned glory, you can save it as a video on your phone and share over *any* social media site. Read: ALL the Likes. 

"Virtual GIFs pop from the surface of our fashion nails," Thea Baumann, CEO of Metaverse Makeovers, told Mashable. "3D emoji fly out of your fingers."

Metaverse Makeovers

While the app itself is free, your next-level nail art will cost you if even just a bit. The hologram feature only works when paired with Metaverse press-on nails which go from $22.50 to $34.50 on

But hey, to have purple feathers burst out of said press-on nails? Now that's priceless. 

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