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These Crystal Nails Are Fierce, Literally

They're easier to recreate than they look. Don't worry.


In case you were bored with nail trends of the past, like stone nails, pom-pom, furmirror, cable knit—the list goes on—here's the latest look you need to try (or at least fawn over because they kind of look hard to recreate): crystal holographic nails.

I was so mesmerized by these nails when I saw them, I reached out to Las Vegas nail pro @NailedbyNatlie and Melbourne nail artist @Clarahnails for their how-tos. They both used holographic tape as their hero product to create the crystal-looking finish. However, they both went about it different ways. Here, both of their how-tos:

First up, Natalie's tutorial for these gorgeous crystal tips:

Watch and learn:

She created an almond-shaped pink acrylic base, since her nails were shorter, which, if you don't know how to do, she shows you in depth at the beginning of the video. But, after the nail foundation is created, she shows you how she added the sparkle (speed through to 2:06 for the magic).💫💫💫

To add the shimmer onto her tips, Natalie cut slivers of holographic tape and applied them vertically over a fresh coat of acrylic:

Apply as many slivers as you'd like; Natalie chose four or five pointed strips to the nail:

Seal the holographic tape onto the nail with another thin coat of acrylic:

Then Natalie used nail glue to apply jewels to the base of the nail:

Voilà, nails that will cut a bitch:

Now, for Clara's how-to:

Again, the hero product here is holographic strips that make the crystal finish:

Apply the tape starting at the corner of your nail and bring it out to the tip:

Trim any excess tape along the sides with scissors:

Cut the tape at an angle at the center of the tip so it begins to form the deep "V":

Repeat on the other side:

Keep repeating the process until you reach the base of the nail:

Seal with a geltop coat, wait for it to dry, and file the sides smooth:

Finally, take a nailfie à la:

Sooooooo sparkly! ✨✨✨

Intimidated by nail forms and acrylic nails like I am?! Here are a few looks that, if you're a novice, you can actually, well, nail:

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