10 Easy Beauty Hacks ALL Lazy Girls Will Love

You. Are. Welcome.

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1. Hide a growing out mani with glitter

Disguise a growing-out manicure by creating an ombre glitter fade at the bottom of your nail. Trust us, no one will know your secret.

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2. Chipped mani? Add a glitter tip

Chipped nails happen to the best of us, so use a thin brush to paint on a glittery french tip. The texture of the polish will hide the chip's ridges underneath.

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3. Make the most out of your beauty sleep

If there's one thing us lazy gals love, it's our beds. So make sure you are getting the most out of those zzz's by following these nighttime beauty tips (opens in new tab).

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4. Hide roots with a side parting

Master the art of a good 'hair flip' and your life will be forever changed. The recipe? Plenty of dry shampoo in your roots to give them height and hold, then lightly tease the roots to give a little extra volume. Finally, flip your hair over to the opposite side from where you'd usually part it. Et voila! Roots? What roots?

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5. Fake thicker hair with zero effort

If you want to fake fuller locks, the first place to start is your parting. Hide any sparse spots by dusting on a little eyeshadow (make sure it matches the colour of your hair though people).

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5. Invest in multi-tasking makeup

If the idea of a 10-step beauty routine fills you with dread, opt for smarter products that go a little further. Take Estée Edit's Skin Glowing Balm, $32 (opens in new tab), the skin-perfecting tint gives a natural, dewy coverage, but the fun doesn't stop there. The formula contains hydrating and conditioning ingredients, including Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Muru Muru Seed Butter. All three are mega-moisturising, which means if you have oily or combination skin you can afford to skip on day cream. You know what that means? A longer lie-in 😴

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6. Mascara doubles up as eyeliner

You've run out of eyeliner but the thought of traipsing to Boots seems like a hell of a lot of effort. We feel ya. Try this instead...

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Take a small eyeliner brush and sweep it over your mascara wand to take off any excess.

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Then, simply use it to draw on the perfect flick. Easy-peasy.

7. Split-end solver

If you've left it a little long in between salon trips and now your mane is stuffed with split ends, we have a neat trick to help you hide the damage. Simply grab your favorite hair oil, we happen to LOVE the Ouai Hair Oil, $28 (opens in new tab), then work a few drops through the ends. Not only will it give a shine shot, but the added nourishment will instantly help disguise those pesky damaged ends.

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8. Tailor your foundation to match your tan

A week in Ibiza has left your skin with a sun-kissed glow, but now that foundation sitting in your makeup bag is way too pasty. If you can't bring yourself to run out for a new one, simply take a blob on the back of your hand, then scrap off a little bronzing powder and mix the two together. It's a genius way to adjust your foundation a couple of shades. Yayyyy.

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9. The easiest smoky eye EVER

If the thought of blending multiple eyeshadows into some kind of smoky eye makes you feel tired. Try this instead, simply use an eye crayon like The Estée Edit Edgiest Kohl Shadow Stick, $21 (opens in new tab), and draw on a couple of criss-cross lines over the outer corner of your eyes. Then, simply grab a shadow brush and buff it out. Easiest eye makeup, ever.

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10. Go for a bold lip

If you can't even with makeup, swipe on a bright lippie and it'll detract all attention and leave your whole face looking brighter and more awake.

Victoria Jowett
Victoria Jowett

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