You Can Have Marie Antoinette's Candles!

If you're in the New York area, you must take a stroll down to the brand spankin' new Cire Trudon boutique at 54 Bond Street (at Bowery, behind the Rogan store). This gorgeous, jewel of a shop is filled with the French company's beautiful candles and room sprays. My favorite is the blue Marie Antoinette bust candle, which I totally picture perched on a shelf surrounded by eclectic antique trinkets (an idea I stole right from the shop itself — the design inspiration is Galerie des Glaces of Versaille).

Speaking of Marie Antoinette, Cire Trudon used to make her candles! And Napoleon Bonaparte's! In fact, the company has been supplying royalty and other fancy European folks with candles since 1643, making it the oldest candle company in the world. Director Ramdane Touhami recently brought Cire Trudon's glorious past back to life when he created the new line of candles, now sold in the boutique.

If you can't make it to the shop, check out the online store at and dress up your pad with candles fit for a queen.

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