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Private Eyes - She's got Bette Davis eyes - makeup
Gisel Florez


Although 21-year-old Edward Bess has no formal makeup training, his future was sealed with his grandmother's kiss: "She practically sleeps in her red lipstick," says the Charleston native, whose love of vintage glamour inspired both Lip Wardrobe, his debut line of glosses and lipsticks, and Private Eyes, a mascara and shadow set. The latter is a tribute to '40s siren Bette Davis, famous for acting with her eyes.

Gisel Florez


While I generally steer clear of "gourmande" makeup — that which smells of dessert — I was taken with the subtle fig-vanilla scent of Estee Lauder's reinvented Signature Lipstick. "We tested 150 scents with 500 women globally," says Tara Cohen, from the product-development team. "Americans loved the sweet vanilla, while Asians preferred the fruity fig. When we blended the two, we won over Europeans."

Gisel Florez


Kismet or coincidence? Kate Winslet, who played Rose in Titanic, has been tapped as the new face of Tresor, Lancôme's signature rose perfume. In celebration, there will be a limited-edition blend, Tresor Elixir, boasting Bulgarian Otto rose (like the original), and accented with violet and peach.

Gisel Florez


L'Oréal Paris has spent the past three years in the research lab so we can spend less time in the salon. The design of their at-home Easy-Glide Highlighter resembles mini tongs with tiny bristles that separate strands while depositing a uniform amount of color on both sides of your sectioned hair. Couleur Experte Express Color System, in 19 shades.

Gisel Florez


Diesel's latest perfume, Fuel for Life, pays tribute to founder Renzo Rosso's two great loves: fashion and wine. Clad in a provocative lace sheath, the juice is inspired by his Vicenza vineyards. "We found the cassis note in the wines. It smelled bold, fruity, and really unforgettable," says Rosso. Just remember: Spray, don't drink.

Gisel Florez


Every time we blow-dry, flat-iron, or curl our hair, it takes a beating. Why not build it up with a fortifying styling aid while we're at it? I'm impressed with Kerastase Ciment Thermique, a weightless leave-in mask. And T3's 360 Plump spray left my usually flat strands remarkably bouncy.

Gisel Florez


WHAT IT IS: Hematite, an iron-dense mineral capable of holding a magnetic charge.

WHAT IT DOES: Once magnetized in the lab, it improves the flow of blood (also rich with iron) in under-eye capillaries, preventing dark circles.

EFFECT: Brighter, less puffy under-eye area.

FOUND IN: La Mer the Eye Concentrate.

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