The One Product You Need to Get Rid of Back Acne Fast

Summer = not an ideal time for this sh*t.

I've gotta say, one of the best parts of summer is finally getting to wear all the tank tops I obsessively ordered from ASOS during the winter, only to find that the sweat and heat have given me a smattering of breakouts on my back. Yay for unfairness!

Considering I went through puberty approximately a decade ago, what gives? "Bacne isn't always a hormonal issue," says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. "It can also be caused by clogged sebaceous oil glands, bacteria that feast on said oil, or hair products and sweat." So, you know, being a human.

Luckily, breakouts on your back tend to be easier to deal with than those on your face, making pre-soaked acne pads a super-easy and effective treatment. Swipe them on at night, then wake up to significantly calmer skin, with major results after a week of consistent use. If you're not sure where to start, check out my recs below:

1. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare One Step Acne Pads

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare One Step Acne Pads

(Image credit: Sephora)

Filled with bacteria-killing azelaic acid (the unsung gentle hero of the acne world) and skin-balancing willow bark, these pads can be used every day without irritation.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare One Step Acne Pads, $38


2. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Daily Pads

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Daily Pads

(Image credit: Ulta)

These cult-favorite pads are loved for a legit reason: The dose of 2-percent salicylic acid is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet still effective enough to penetrate clogged pores.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Daily Pads, $8.99


3. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Treatment Pads

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Treatment Pads

(Image credit: Sephora)

If your skin tends to itch and shrivel at the slightest mention of acne treatments, these 0.5-percent salicylic acid pads are for you. And don't be put off by the low percentage—they're also formulated with skin-clearing mandelic acid and glycolic acid for a triple acne-killing boost.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Overnight Repair Treatment Pads, $42


4. Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads

Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads

(Image credit: Ulta)

Formulated with a mix of dark mark-brightening glycolic acid and pore-clearing salicylic acid, these body pads easily cut through grime and sweat for weirdly fast results.

Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads, $21


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