Eco-Chic: Organic Soy Nail Polish Remover

Greg Delves

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into that bottle of nail polish remover? Sniff?! Sniff?! Have you asked - while chocking on the sharp stench of noxious aroma - "is this stuff safe?" If so, then you're not alone. Priti Organic Spa owner, Kim D'Amato, wondered the same and thus created Priti Soy Based Polish Remover, a acetone free and completely organic non-toxic nail polish remover.

Acetone (also known as 2-propanone), is the main ingredient found in most nail polish removers. A highly flammable and potentially poisonous liquid, acetone is the leading ingredient in commercial solvents and paint thinners. If you prefer to avoid, but want to keep up with those mani/pedis then Priti's Soy Based Polish Remover is perfect for you (as well as expectant mothers, nursing mothers and young children).

In addition to being toxin free, Priti's Soy Based Polish Remover is:

*100% biodegradable

*100% soy and corn based


*free of any petroleum ingredients

*derived from farm crops (supporting American farming)

*packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles

Find your toxic-free polish at Priti Organic Spa in New York City or purchase online at

Olivia Zaleski is a green living expert.

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