Custom Makeup Palettes

Customeyes . . . and lips and cheeks! Compacts to refill with your fave shades.

Jeff Westbrooks
1. Hip to Be Square

For the perfect touch-up on the go. Bobbi Brown Empty 4 Pan Palette, $10, eyeshadows and blushes, $20 to $22 each.

2. Natural Beauty

The magnets securing the palette and the mirror are lead-free. Aveda Envirometal Compact Professional, $25, eye- and cheekcolors, $12 to $20.50 each.

3. Nothin' but Double

This lacquered, bi-level case offers twice the allure. Trish McEvoy Large Double-Decker Compact, $25, eye- and cheekcolors, $16 to $38 each.

4. Million-Color Baby

A set with millions of possible combos. Mary Kay Compact, $18, eye- and cheekcolors, powders, and lipsticks, $6.50 to $16 each.

5. Slim Shady

A model-skinny compact, favored by the pros. MAC Pro Palette/X4 Eye Shadow quad, $3.50, refill pans, $10.50 each.

6. The Mixologist

With 70 shades, an intoxicating choice! Prescriptives Colorscope Large Compact, $6.50, eye- and cheekcolors, $14 to $17.50 each.

7. Eye Candy

With 21 silk powder-enhanced shades. Mark Snap To It Custom Palette in Mezzo, $6, I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadows, $4 each.

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