Kendall Jenner Breaks into the Beauty Market with a *Glow-in-the-Dark* Eyeshadow Palette

The better for people at da club to see you with.

Estée Lauder

Not content to let her sister Kylie hog the beauty market, Kendall Jenner has launched her own product, an eyeshadow palette containing shimmery, matte (because #Kardashian), and blacklight-activated shades to appeal to Estée Lauder's more youthful clientele—or at least those who understand what "low-key freaking out" means.

In a video that debuted on Refinery29, the budding actress walks viewers through each feature, from her "signature browns" to her favorite color (purple) to her John Hancock on the mirror, making the whole shebang official.

The palette will be available in Sephora stores for $48 on March 15. Prepare for Urban Decay Naked levels of frenzy. 

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